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OUR MISSION is twofold.  Our first goal is to help all students become effective users of information and ideas. This means that we help you use your creative, critical thinking, collaborative and communication skills to succeed at all your school work.  Our second goal is to foster a love of reading in all students.  We will provide you with the latest and best of Young Adult literature and make sure you have access to the classics as well.  Let us know what you love to read, and we will put it in your hands.

eLibrary Catalog

All of our Overdrive ebooks and audiobooks are stored within the Albemarle High School Digital Library. You can access these digital materials by using your k12albemarle account.

RESPONSIBLE READING: In a library that serves students ranging in ages from eleven to fourteen, a wide variety of materials are needed. Obviously, what is interesting and appropriate for eleven-year-olds may not be interesting and/or appropriate for fourteen-year-olds and visa versa. When students first visit the library each year, Mrs. Kompelien issues her standard advice: "If you choose a book that makes you uncomfortable or that would make your parents uncomfortable, return it." The beauty of libraries is that they are all about choice. Find a book you can completely enjoy.

Mrs. Kompelien, Librarian

Mr. Strong, Library Assistant

Checkout Policy: You may check out a book for ONE MONTH. In order to foster a community of shared resources, we typically suggest students checkout up to five items. 

Library Visits: Students may visit the library with their English classes to browse for books, and beginning March 22, teachers may send students with a pass to the library. There is NO student printing in the library this year.

Curbside Pick Up: We will be offering curbside pick up for online holds from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM Mondays through Fridays.  If you cannot pick up a book during those hours, please email Mrs. Kompelien to work something out!

Note: Please wait for a confirmation email after you put your book on hold before you come the Henley to pick it up. Once returned, all materials will be quarantined for at least three days to minimize risk of contamination. 

Request a new title! All titles are evaluated to meet the criteria established in the ACPS Library Media Handbook.

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