Student Checkout Procedures

The Front Office at Henley would like to pass along these instructions to all parents.

Early check out:

1. Send a note with your child listing name, time, and reason.

2. Your child gives the note to the main office upon arrival to school and will be issued a dismissal pass to show to the teacher.

3. Your child goes to the office at pick up time and then proceeds to the parent vehicle. (Parent stays in the vehicle.) "Please note no students will be early dismissed after 3:30 p.m.   All medical appointments should be picked up before 3:30 p.m. or after dismissal."


Unscheduled early check out: (Emergencies only, please, and not within 30 minutes of dismissal.)

Parent enters the school office and presents a photo ID. A student will only be released to a person on the emergency contact list. Please be patient and allow for the time it takes to locate a student at recess, gym, or lunch and to process parent ID through ScholarChip Visitor Management System.


Absences and Tardies:

Call 434-823-4393 option 2 by 9:30 am and leave a voicemail message with your child’s name, grade, date, and reason for absence.


Walking home:

Students may walk home after dismissal but they may not leave the school campus during the school day.


Change in after school plans:

It is not necessary to notify the main office when your child has a change of normal after school plans such as if a bus rider will walk home instead.

If you need to get a message to your student regarding a change of dismissal plans please notify the office by 2:20 pm.

Please have an inclement weather plan in place with your child.