About Henley Middle School

Joseph T. Henley Middle Schoo​l instructs 805 stud​ents in grades six through eight who are served by 95 faculty and staff members.

The school first opened in 1966 and is located on 30 acres in the rural White Hall district along 250 west, next to Western Albemarle High School and Brownsville Elementary School in Crozet. Mr. Joseph Temple Henley Jr. was a chairman of the Albemarle County School Board, and was hailed for his foresight in expanding education in the western part of the county.

Renovated in 1999 due to an increase in the population of the county, Henley now has an enrollment capacity of over 900 students. This year the school will be installing a renewable energy system that includes a wind turbine and solar-voltaic panels to generate energy for the school. The installation will also include a ground-mounted panel that will power a kinetic sculpture and can be used by teachers as an instructional resource for their students.​​